Warrior Cats RPG

This is an RPG based on the popular book series Warriors. You can join one of the clans or be a Kittypet.
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 IceFang invades ShadowClan

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PostSubject: IceFang invades ShadowClan   Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:15 pm

Snowstorm smacked Dawnfur sharply round the head, spitting fiercely. The dark-pelted she-cat tumbled to the floor and struggled up again, only to receive another blow. "Unfaithful mouse-blooded scum!" roared SnowStorm, towering over her shivering body.

Dawnfur shook as she heaved herself to her feet again. SilverClaw rushed to the dark cat's side. "Leave her alone!" the silver-furred feline hissed back at the huge white tom, arching her streamlined back. "IceFang!" she called to the icy-coloured she-cat who was walking towards them.

IceFang walked straight past the trio, keeping her head down. "Shut up, all of you." she hissed, glaring at the three cats. She bared her long fangs threateningly.

SnowStorm hissed and took off after IceFang, halting in front of the white cat and blocking her path with his body. "IceFang! Dawnfur says to call off this attack. She is disloyal and must be punished!" he growled, lashing his tail.

IceFang glared at DawnFur. "Then you must make the journey home by yourself. I promise you, you will not survive out there alone. Even Bluepelt," she motioned at the weary 10 moon old tomcat, "is tougher than you!"

Dawnfur looked at her paws. "I don't want to fight anymore!" she meowed, "SnowStar was one of the strongest, who shared your dream, and he's dead! What are we supposed to do if he's dead?!" she looked up sharply, tears flying from her eyes as she shook her head back and forth.

Bluepelt chose this moment to speak up. "We've still got BloodClan!" he argued. "BloodClan are strong too, and so are we - or are you saying that the rest of us are weak?!" he challenged his best friend. "We WILL conquer ShadowClan! Any cat who we deem worthy can help us destroy ThunderClan or WindClan and eventually we'll have enough strength to attack RiverClan again!" everyone was shocked and humbled by their strategist's words.

Eventually the cats agreed to just sit down in the cave they were hiding in and plan their attack. "Right..." began Bluepelt, "We'll do this..."
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IceFang invades ShadowClan
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