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This is an RPG based on the popular book series Warriors. You can join one of the clans or be a Kittypet.
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 Heatherkit or Goldenkit

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PostSubject: Heatherkit or Goldenkit   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:57 am

Name: Heatherkit or Goldenkit please

Gender: male

Clan: Wind Clan

Rank: Kit

Looks: Golden fur with black spots and stripes.
Personality: playful kit and very well with his manors, respects his elders and is very loyal to his clan

Birth: loner

History: His mother, Cody, the kittypet thunderclan saved, found life on the wild side better than living with twolegs and moved in with Barley and Ravenpaw, her mate. She started to kit out near the moor on windclan territory so she made towards the clan camp and offered her kit to them. They nursed her back to health and gave her kit the decision, he decided clan life was for him. Cody was offered to visit anytime she felt, as she was welcome to the clan, but she refused.

RP Sample:never rp before, but I'll follow the rules.

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River Clan Leader
River Clan Leader

PostSubject: Re: Heatherkit or Goldenkit   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:42 pm

looks good. pick one of those names, write a paragraph or so of how you would normally roleplay, then you'll be done.
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PostSubject: Re: Heatherkit or Goldenkit   Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:00 pm

Name: Goldenkit

Cody struggled to find the heart of the clan as she was so close to kitting. She found a warrior who brought her to the Windclan leader Mossfire. " I need somewhere to kit. Please let me stay, just until me and my kits can travel home. I won't cause any trouble." Mossfire was unsure of what to do, the fresh-kill pile was full, and could provide for this she-cat, but could she be trusted? Riverheart, a windclan queen approached her leader. " Mossfire, we have plenty of food and guards can be posted at the nursery, although I myself can keep watch on her. Please, let her stay." Mossfire looked up at Riverheart and then at Cody, they both looked desperate, especially Cody. Then he replied " Fine, you may stay until you and your kits can travel home. Your food will be provided for you, but you can not overstay your visit. I will have Riverheart report to me everyday. When she says you are ready to leave, you will." Cody looked relived and overjoyed. "Thank you, you will have no problems with me, just show me where I can kit because I think I am ready." riverheart urgently hurried her to the nursery and one golden furred kit was born.
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PostSubject: Re: Heatherkit or Goldenkit   

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Heatherkit or Goldenkit
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