Warrior Cats RPG

This is an RPG based on the popular book series Warriors. You can join one of the clans or be a Kittypet.
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PostSubject: BloodStorm   Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:14 pm

Name: BloodStorm (Formerly BloodStar)
Gender: Tom
Clan: Rogue
Rank: Rogue/Former ShadowClan Leader

Personality: BloodStorm is a dark, sinister, murderous cat who enjoys killing. His claws are reinforced with dog claws and he never jokes.
Birth: Born Into ShadowClan

History: BloodStorm was born into ShadowClan and was given the name BloodKit because of his eyes. He soon lived up to his name when he killed the ShadowClan leader and became leader himself. After that he was exiled from ShadowClan when they found out what he had done. Now he roams the woods with 9 lives and has taken on his former warrior name "BloodStorm."
RP Sample: N/A
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