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This is an RPG based on the popular book series Warriors. You can join one of the clans or be a Kittypet.
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PostSubject: BlackStar   Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:50 am

Name: BlackStar
Gender: Male
Clan: Rogue - Former Shadow Clan
Rank: Warrior, and Former Deputy of Shadow Clan

Looks: http://www.altalux.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/Black-Cat-1.jpg

Personality: At heart, BlackStar is a very cruel cat that loves the stench of blood and the feeling of killing his prey. But he also has a calm and analytical nature. He is among very few that is able to keep his composure while still giving off a kind of sinister aura and killing intent. BlackStar will not hesitate to attack his prey and will use others for his own benefit regardless of what happens to that "other" in the end. There is very few that BlackStar see as companions instead of useful toys. Yet most of them have similar personality to BlackStar, but most of them ended up dead now...
Birth: Shadow clan born

History: Born into the Shadow Clan, BlackStar was bred to become a great warrior. BlackStar had to withstand rigorous training due to his families pride on the line. BlackStar eventually became a very strong and fast warrior compared to the others at that time. BlackStar than started to discover how he suddenly have this excited feeling when hunting prey and when he kills the prey.

Eventually this feeling of just hunting small prey wasn't enough anymore. BlackStar than started to ask for company when patrolling the borderlines. Every time BlackStar came back from patrol, the other cat that was with him would always not be there, and BlackStar would always come back wounded. BlackStar had always told the clan that they were attacked by some other clan cats. But in truth, when both BlackStar and the other cat were far away enough, BlackStar would fight against that cat just to fill his thirst for excitement.

After getting away with this for around five times, the elders were suspicious and sent other warriors to follow silently on the next patrol. When BlackStar attempted to attack the other cat, he was caught in the act and was quickly captured than reported to the elder. The elder gave BlackStar and his family the death sentence, but as soon as BlackStar heard this he escaped by himself, leaving his family behind as scapegoats.

His parents were killed, yet BlackStar felt no remorse or regret. Instead, after he escaped.... BlackStar just laughed out loud towards the moon in the night sky. Now he was a rogue who hunted for prey, including other cats.

More to come as i RP
RP Sample: N/A (got lazy xD do i have to?)

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PostSubject: Re: BlackStar   Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:53 am

Since you filled out a pretty good history than I guess you don't have to fill out RP Sample.
Also, Do you want to join my band of rogues? Your approved, but I just need to know if you want to join my rogues.
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PostSubject: Re: BlackStar   Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:55 am

Sure, but lets RP it out =D , like we meet up somehow and i find a liking to you or something
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PostSubject: Re: BlackStar   

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