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This is an RPG based on the popular book series Warriors. You can join one of the clans or be a Kittypet.
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 Shadowfang becomes Clan Leader

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River Clan Leader
River Clan Leader

PostSubject: Shadowfang becomes Clan Leader   Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:08 pm

Shadowfang stalked silently towards the Highstones, ducking low for cover when she saw the ShadowClan cats going to the same place. Deciding that they could not harm her at Highstones, she trotted back into the open and went into the Highstones when the ShadowClan cats were out of sight and smell.

She walked through the thin, winding tunnel and came to the moonstone. Sitting, she touched her nose to the slightly warm moonstone and closed her eyes. Nothing happened. Then a huge shiver ran through Shadowfang's fur, making her open her eyes wide. Before her was the area in which all four clans lived. She could see everything. The colours swirled together for a brief moment, and when they had settled, Shadowfang was standing amongst 9 cats. She had a good look at all of them. One was CloudStar, former RiverClan leader, sitting patiently and cool without a single glimpse of the old age in which she had died. Another cat looked familiar, with flame-coloured legs but a dark blue hue in the rest of her body, which was black (In truth, this was Shadowfang's mother.) She could also see a three-legged rogue cat with a golden coat - her mentor, but the rest of the faces were a blank.

They all paid no heed to her, instead discussing and muttering with an occasional yowl of agreement or disappointment. "We will destroy all the clans, starting with RiverClan." said a large black tom, and 3 cats followed him away. Shadowfang shivered. The scene faded just like the last one.

She was now standing in the middle of a large, open field, dotted thickly with flowers. Shadowfang instinctively ducked down and looked around for cover. But a cat appeared in front of her. It was pure white, seeming to give of light as it sat in the lush field. "ShadowStar." it said, and Shadowfang raised her head to look into the cat's pure blue eyes. "The cats whom you heard then are carrying out their plan very soon. I grant you with nine lives, and you shall fight wisely. Choose your deputy wisely, for a wrong move could potentially lead to the destruction of the Clan. Protect the RiverClan, and remember..." she whispered the last few words into ShadowStar's ragged ear.

She blinked, and the cat was gone. She was back at the Moonstone. Turning swiftly, ShadowStar loped silently back the way she came - back to RiverClan.
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Shadowfang becomes Clan Leader
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