Warrior Cats RPG

This is an RPG based on the popular book series Warriors. You can join one of the clans or be a Kittypet.
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 Lifepaw is complete

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PostSubject: Lifepaw is complete   Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:40 pm

Name: Lifepaw
Gender: Male
Clan: Snow clan,
Rank: Medicine cat
Personality: Lifepaw is a lively, cheerful cat with a huge amount of determination. He is very competetive, and will always do what he can to never 'lose' He reasearches well, and is always eager to gain more knowledge. He was given the name "lifepaw" becasue he has saved so many people lives(or taken his enemies' away), and seems to be able to give(and even take) peoples lives.
Birth: He was clan born, but when he was born he didn't breathe, the medcicne cats worked hard and asked the starclan to help them...and so he took his first breath. It is believed he has some strange wisdom passed on by the starclan's blessing.
History: His history wll be revealed through roleplays ^^
RP Sample:
RP sample is NOT based on warrior cats
Yoko and yuki walked along the path that lead to kusagakure. It was a lovely sunny day, with a picturesque sky and fluffy coulds moving along it slowly. THwy linked arms, and didn't disguise themselves, they were unhooded, and weapring the kurotsuki symbol on their clothes, wearing it proudly. Today would be a good day, a great day infact. Yuki would prove himself to show that he was strong. "Today's the day huh?" asked yoko, who was just as excited as yuki. Today....grass would shrivel up and die, but flower would sprout up from it. "Being in control of a ninja village would be a great plus" smiled Yuki "Kurotsuki would be a whole lot stronger,"

Suddenly 8 ninja's were all around them, their faces hostile. "Who are you?" asked the ninja, holding two kunai's in his left hand. "Is this the welcome you give, to your....new leader?" asked Yuki, still smiling as a ripple went through the ninja. "You will never be our leader!" spat one of them, and the ninja closed in. "Fine," said yuki, mock pouting "Yoko, suck out their chakra, but give them enough to live" ordered yuki, creating moon-energy chains around all of the as yoko speedily sucked out their chakra. WHen yuki released them, huge clouds of shuriken flew towards yuki and yoko, coming in from all directions, surrounding them completely. Yuki just smiled...
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River Clan Leader
River Clan Leader

PostSubject: Re: Lifepaw is complete   Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:50 pm

good, good.


Shadowfang, Silverwind, and Flameclaw: Oh no...

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Lifepaw is complete
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