Warrior Cats RPG

This is an RPG based on the popular book series Warriors. You can join one of the clans or be a Kittypet.
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Wind Clan Leader
Wind Clan Leader

PostSubject: Mossfire   Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:59 pm

Name: Mossfire
Gender: male
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Warrior

Looks: like my avatar
Personality: careful, likes to think before acting, prefers hunting alone, but loves to train with others
Birth: Clanborn in Windclan

History: born to a windclan queen, I was top among the apprentices in hunting and speed.
RP Sample:
The dawn patrol hurried to catch up with the intruders before they learned anything useful about the territory. "Mossfire, take your apprentice and flank them from the left! Eaglefeather, take yours and flank them from the right! We must surround them!" said the patrol's leader, Amberclaw. As Mossfire and his apprentice, Ivypaw, hurried to get to the intruders' left, he realized that they may be making a mistake attacking now and not waiting for reinforcements. "Amberclaw, there are far more of them then we can take on our own! We must get ahead of them and warn the camp!" Amberclaw sniffed the air. "You're right, but we'd never make it in time. You must go on alone. I'll take your apprentice and the rest of the patrol and follow you."
Mossfire ran like he had never run before. He heard the yowls of surprise as the passed the enemy patrol, and their yowls of fury as they realized they could never catch him. He made it into the camp and yowled, "we're under attack!" However, both the clan leader and his deputy were gone on a hunting patrol, so Mossfire was forced to take control of the cats of Windclan and fight off the invaders.
He quickly split up the defenders into two groups and set them on opposite sides of the entrance, waiting in ambush for the enemy patrol. Once they did, He set the two groups against them, forceing them to fight on two sides. At the same time, the rest of his patrol arrived, trapping the invaders. The attacking cats, who were from Riverclan, realized that it was hopeless for them and ran back to their territory, leaving a parting phrase- "You haven't seen the last of us, Windclan!"
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Thunder Clan Leader
Thunder Clan Leader

PostSubject: Re: Mossfire   Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:38 pm

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